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Helen is available for in-clinic bookings at;
Blackrock Clinic, Rock Road, Blackrock, Co Dublin, A94 E4X7

Please call 01206 4364 to book an appointment at Dublin clinic

Appointment type
  • First appointment
    For those new to pelvic health physiotherapy and are being seen for the first time or for those with a new condition that requires a new assessment. Appointment includes thorough medical history taking, differential diagnosis, physical examination, findings discussed with you and an individualised treatment plan made. Reports to other healthcare professionals can also be made as necessary.
  • 30mins follow up
    For those who have already had a full assessment/been seen by us before.
  • 60mins follow up
    For those who have already had a full assessment/been seen by us before.
  • Menopause check up (60mins)
    This is the MOT for you if you are peri- or post- menopausal. At this stage in your life, pelvic floor problems peak again in prevalence. By attending this check up you will get a full pelvic floor muscle check to establish your current baseline and then an individualised programme will be put together to enhance your pelvic floor function. This check is suitable if you currently have pelvic floor muscles problems or even if you don't & just want to future proof yourself. Dramatically decrease your chance of prolapse, incontinence and painful intercourse.
  • Pregnancy/Mum to be check up (60mins)
    Ideal for the pregnant lady at any stage. This is the MOT for those who would like to feel more confident in how and when to do pelvic floor (Kegal) exercises. Learn how to avoid abdominal coning, what exercise is suitable for you now to reduce aches/pains and to ensure the best recovery on the other side. Have all your labour questions answered re: you and your physical health, including positions or even which delivery method to choose/avoid? Be taught perineal massage if required. Please bring maternity notes along to the appointment.
  • Post-natal/Mummy check up (60 mins)
    For those who have had at least one pregnancy. Ideally done anytime from eight weeks after delivery but it is never too late. Get your entire core cylinder checked and back in optimal working order again. Includes pelvic floor, tummy muscles (diastasis), diaphragm and lower back/pelvis check. Results are shared with you immediately and a plan devised if necessary. An essential for anyone that has had a pregnancy.
  • Before/pre surgery check up (60 mins)
    Suitable for those who are contemplating any type of lower back, abdominal, pelvic, prostate or gynaecological surgery (laparoscopic or open) or for those who are already booked for surgery. Learn exercises and have your body checked to optimise the outcome of the surgery and be confident to know how to achieve the best recovery possible on the other side.
  • After/post surgery check up (60mins)
    Suitable for those who have had any type of lower back, abdominal, pelvic, prostate or gynaecological surgery (laprascopic or open). N.B Surgery must have been at least six weeks ago. Have your body checked to ensure it has healed/recovered optimally from the procedure you have had done. Address any ongoing issues and learn how to safely and confidently get back into movement and exercise, scar massage and how to future proof your body!
  • Pelvic floor check (60mins)
    An hour to check your pelvic floor and entire core - this includes screening of your lower back/pelvis, diaphragm, abs & pelvic floor. All information will be reported back to you in the session including any personalised exercise programme to work on if required. Fully tailored to you as an individual. Perfect for those wanting to learn more about their pelvic floor - covers pelvic floor exercise technique, strength, endurance & reaction time.