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  • Articles
    May 2021

    You Magazine (The Mail on Sunday) – Are you scared to jump or sneeze?

    May 2021

    The Irish Times – Five experts, five tips: How to maintain good urological health

    April 2021

    Sheer Luxe The Gold Edition – Power up your pelvic floor

    December 2020

    The Irish Examiner – The big squeeze: Why pelvic floor exercises are essential for women

    August 2020

    Women’s Health Uk – How to get a six pack without doing endless crunches or chugging protein shakes

    July 2020

    Women’s Health UK – Running when pregnant

    July 2019

    The Athletic – Is football doing enough to help players through pregnancy & motherhood?

    July 2019

    Women’s Running Magazine – Body Positives (re: pelvic floor)

  • Blogs
    April 2021

    When can I start exercising again after a c-section?

  • Books
    March 2021

    Contribution to OMG It’s Twins! Get Your Twins To Their First Birthday Without Losing Your Mind by Alison Perry

  • Podcasts
    April 2021

    The Female Focus Podcast – Exercise in pregnancy, prenatal prep & postnatal recovery

    March 2021

    The Female Wellness Hub – Ep 57 Every woman needs a pelvic health physio

    October 2020

    Everymum – Mum MOT, pelvic strength & recovery

    April 2020

    Fitness Unfiltered – #18 How new research is defining how we treat the pelvic floor during exercise

    March 2020

    Fitness Unfiltered – #15 Going into labour & exercising the pelvic floor

    February 2020

    Give Me Strength With Alice Liveing – Steps to a stronger pelvis

    January 2020

    Finally Pregnant – How to strengthen your pelvic floor

  • Radio
    September 2020

    Appearance on RTE2 fm national radio on the Jennifer Zamperelli Show discussing pelvic floor exercises

    May 2020

    Appearance on RTE2 fm national radio on The Jennifer Zamparelli Show discussing leaking and pelvic floor

  • Social
    March 2021

    Discussing Pelvic Power with Ferne McCann on IGTV

    November 2020

    Lockdown Leaks with Gynae Geek on IGTV

    January 2020

    Pelvic Health & Periods with Alice Liveing on IGTV

  • Other
    February 2021

    Third wave Shero campaign with Always Discreet UK

    February 2020

    #weeneedtotalk campaign with Always Discreet UK

    July 2019

    The Positive Birth Company – The Postpartum Pack