Post Natal MOT’s

I support and help new mums following delivery to regain flexibility, stability and fitness.  I work closely with a group of women’s health consultants and experts in the field. Changes that take place in how our body moves and works after pregnancy are very common but are addressable and it’s never too late, even years after having your baby.

The MOT includes a pelvic floor muscle check, tummy muscle gap test and biomechanical (how your body moves) screen, results of which will be given to you immediately. I look at posture, breathing and assess the cylinder (core) activation. Then advise and recommend the next step forward towards full recovery. Each lady is treated as an individual, assessment and treatment will be tailored to whatever concerns you have, no matter how big or small.

The MOT will be perfect for if you have; pelvic or back pain, less enjoyment or pain on intercourse, problems with incontinence, unsure if you have a gap in your tummy muscles or worried that you feel that you still look pregnant (> a few months after giving birth).

If in doubt, get it checked out!