When I began my treatment with Helen I was coming up to 4 years post baby 2. Under treatment from a previous physio, I had addressed some occasional stress incontinence and made good improvements to my diastasis recti. However, I still had an area around my bellybutton which was soft, squishy and unable to generate tension. When I crunched up, this would bulge. Going into double table top position, with both legs lifted off the floor, knees bent, was impossible. This made me very self-conscious in my work as a personal trainer because, while coaching clients through various progressions of core exercise, I was aware that I myself was unable to do precisely what I was trying to get them to.

My main concern before starting treatment was that Helen wouldn’t be able to help me improve my diastasis and that I would forever have to modify certain exercises and avoid certain positions. Within a few minutes of examining my abdomen, though, and observing the coordination of my core, Helen confidently declared that we would definitely be able to get it better. And her confidence was infectious!

Treatment with Helen has been so enjoyable, because she fills you with confidence that you can overcome your dysfunction and get to where you want to be. When you’re feeling a bit deflated that your body isn’t doing what you need and want it to do, this is enormously empowering. At the time of writing I have had three sessions with Helen and, already, my diastasis is SO much more functional. With just 15 repetitions of one exercise to do morning and night – easy peasy to it around my work and family life – I am for the first time, since pre-babies, able to get good tension in the bellybutton area; no more squidginess! Helen modestly says, “It’s easy when you know how” but this massively plays down the breadth of her clinical experience and ability to communicate in a way that makes it easy for you to ‘get it’, like a massive penny dropping.

The one best result I’ve gained from treatment is the feeling of strength that comes from having a core unit which is coordinating effectively. For me, this was not about aesthetics, but about getting functional. My husband keeps catching me touching my bellybutton because it really does feel too good to be true! Thank you, Helen.

September 2018