I’m so grateful for all your have done to help me over these past few years, by allowing me so much time away from the pain so that I can enjoy life to the full again. I can’t bear to think back to those first few acute months of continuous unrelenting burning and discomfort, sometimes so sharp it was like a knife!  I didn’t know what to do or where to go to for help until I found you at the clinic.  You were the only person who understood what I was talking about and knew how to help me (my GP and Gynaecologist were useless and just suggested an operation!) and I will always be eternally grateful to you as you not only gave me hope at the outset but you also gave me my life back again!  I remember you explaining to me at the beginning how we all hold stress in our bodies in different ways and different places and for me it has obviously been my poor Pelvic area!  Without you…and now Natalia, reducing and eliminating the tightness and spasm, I wouldn’t be in a fit place to address what is causing my body to convert stress and tension from my brain into physical pain.  When I get some early symptoms rearing their ugly head, I can now tell myself that I am safe, that there is nothing wrong with my pelvis (as you told me I have nothing structurally wrong there.  If you remember, I was concerned about prolapse, etc), that the pain does not need to be there…and by doing this (along with calming breathing) it actually really helps and the pain goes away!

December 2019