Before physio treatment my bladder and worrying about needing to go the loo was running my life.  It was beginning to be a consideration in everything I did from booking aisle seats in cinemas, theatres and planes to avoiding going to places where there wasn’t a loo.  It was effecting my family life and my children often joked as it was always Mummy fussing about going to the loo.
Before coming for treatment I was really worried about discussing such personal information and indeed even more concerned about the potential embarrassment of internals.
However, my treatment has been fantastic.  Helen has been understanding and wonderfully supportive.  She set me realistic targets that would help me to achieve my goal.  Helen has been so kind and supportive and made me feel so at ease and indeed proud of myself that I was taken control of my body again.  I can’t thank her enough.

The one best result from my treatment is confidence – knowing that I am in control.

Life before treatment with Helen was frustrating! Having been to many doctors with my symptoms (pain during intercourse) and having been examined so many times with no results it was stressful. I was constantly told it was psychological and would go away in time.  I was nervous before I came in to see Helen, as I was reaching the end of my tether! I thought I would be told again that there was nothing wrong. I was also apprehensive that it might be a bit clinical and uncomfortable.

The treatment has been amazing!! Honestly, I think amazing would be an understatement. Helen was extremely professional and made me feel at ease straight away. The treatment itself was very relaxed and didn’t feel invasive or clinical. The sessions are quick and everything was explained very simply so I understood the problem and how to fix it.  Since the treatment I feel so much more relaxed and “normal”. Before going in I was worried that I was a freak; I didn’t know anyone else with the same problem, but now I feel a lot more at ease and more importantly I can just get on with sex without any pain or having to worry.

It was by pure luck that I came to see Helen at the Whitehart Clinic. I was having some coffee while reading the Sunday Times when the headline “Inside Job” and “stressed vagina” in the first paragraph caught my attention.  Ten weeks had gone since I had an unlucky medical emergency while on holiday: a water filled cyst was blocking my Urethral opening and I was unable to pass water. There was no way around surgery, luckily it was a minor procedure. Two weeks later I had a scan with an Urogyneacologist to confirm everything had healed but 10 weeks on I was still feeling an uncomfortable sensitivity nobody was able to explain. Sure, I could just learn to live with it but the thought of painful sex just made me nervous. So I decided to start looking for any alternative treatment options like chinese medicine, shiatsu, kinesiology and tantra massage.

At first I wasn’t convinced if the Whitehart clinic was the right place as I thought the MOT was more for women who had just given birth but then I thought I have nothing to lose so why not try. In the end I decided to make an appointment with Helen and she quickly identified I had a trigger point in my pelvic floor muscle that was causing the symptoms.

Even if you are not sure, at the very minimum you will leave with an answer that will get you one step closer to finding a solution. Helen is very approachable and easy to talk to. She is very knowledgable and able to explain the anatomy, causes of pain and treatment options in plain english. No scan, no waiting – just a quick session and an immediate answer.  I am also glad I didn’t leave it hoping it would go away some day as Helen explained: six weeks after surgery you should not have any awareness. I was lucky, I came to see Helen early on rather than leaving it. After two sessions, my pelvic floor muscles are in perfect order, no pain and no sensitivity.  I would recommend Helen to anyone, even if you are not sure this may or may not be the right treatment. The MOT will get you the answer you are looking for and get you back to health quickly.

Helen, you are a genius, over the last few days my left side of the spine has finally woken back up again, I’m taking it very slowly, but backward bending now makes sense/is pain free again! The lying on the front exercise is helping my glute fire properly too, when it should. Swimming is fine again too! I really can’t tell you how grateful I am to you and Christien, a year and a half of inexplicable chronic pain is all unravelling, and, just as important, you’ve taken the time to help me understand it too. The compassion and confidence that you both treat your patients with was such a huge relief too.  You both always seem irrepressibly chirpy and Dynamo like, but, should you ever have days when you’re feeling tired or dreary, please know that your work is making a huge difference in people’s lives! I’ll still be back in 3 weeks time, but I anticipate reporting relatively little pain and just fine tuning some things.

When I arrived at the White Hart Clinic I was in a lot of pain.  I had been suffering from undiagnosed pelvic pain for about 4 months which came on suddenly overnight.  I had been off work and had various tests and seen a number of consultants, all specialists in their field but none of whom were able to pinpoint why I was experiencing such a lot of pain.  I was taking two different sorts of medication for the pain and in the early stages I had taken several courses of antibiotics too but no infection was ever diagnosed.

I found the treatment and the advice very useful from Helen Keeble.  I was made aware that now that I had chronic pain this was not something that would disappear overnight but that I was however on the right track in terms of the medication I was taking.  I was also reassured that I did not need further tests.

It was very useful to be able to ask questions about the medication I was taking and to hear that it was a sensible and effective treatment.  The physiotherapy that I received helped to ease the pain, not immediately, but slowly but surely, and I became very aware of my pelvic floor muscles and how to control them and how they can tighten up and cause pain.  Over a few months my back and pelvic pain improved significantly in addition to my ability to stand for long periods of time, which I had previously found very difficult.

Overall it was multi-modal approach which assisted my recovery: physiotherapy, medication, counselling and meditation (this taught me patience), but what was particularly reassuring about the treatment from Helen was that I was inspired with the confidence that I would get better, I felt reassured that Helen had seen a number of cases similar to mine, her advice was very useful and the physiotherapy helped to ease the pain enabling my body to start to recover and also helping with my perception of pain.