Before the treatment with Helen my life seemed to be focussed on my pelvic pain a good deal of the time, although I didn’t experience pain in my everyday activities it affected my relationship with my partner and created pain and tearing during intercourse. I had (finally) been diagnosed with pelvic floor hypertonicity by my gynaecologist after years of mis-diagnosis and unhelpful advice, or lack of advice. I realised I was unable to do some of the releasing exercises suggested because I was unable to ‘feel’ the pelvic floor muscles. Since seeing Helen, I began to find those muscles and was better able at

directing my attention to those muscles. An insight was in the connection with the breath and the use of the diaphragm to release those tight pelvic floor muscles. However, this was not the only insight! Helen’s focus was on much more than just the internal pelvic floor muscles but she also addressed the immediate muscles external, such as abdominals and thighs, as well identifying issues in my biomechanics and alignment, right down to my feet!
I had always been aware that there was some kind of issue with my feet, and as a dancer had received similar feedback in an audition, however, it was only when Helen instructed me how to stand in correct alignment that I was able to resolve my fallen arches and the hyperextension in my knees. I learned that the mis-alignment of my feet and legs had an impact on my hips which in turn all then had a knock on effect on my pelvic floor. This new information about alignment meant I could now learn to correct some of the postural issues which had exacerbated my hypertonus and therefore learn to correct this and not just to provide short-term relaxation of the internal muscles. Treatment is always relaxed and Helen is always very professional but easy going. The best result from my treatment with Helen is that for the first time in about 7 years I have been able to have pain free sex!

Helen was able to help, having visited Osteopaths who did not really help at all. Always lovely to see her, and always felt better when I left during a very painful end of pregnancy! Would highly recommend her

Finding Helen Keeble has changed my life. I did not go to see them for the normal pelvic pain issues but have enjoyed being a slight enigma for them! They have done the most amazing things for me and have solved several internal mysteries! We continue on our adventure and I know I am in extremely brilliant hands.I wish ALL women could have the chance to be seen by them – It would help them all.
I will be eternally grateful that I found them.

I was talking to a friend (who will be coming to see you!) today about how you worked your magic with me Helen. I know I haven’t needed to come back and see you, but I never really got to thank you for helping me to heal and get better. I know I always told you that you have worked wonders but seriously you helped me beyond anything I ever expected.

Before coming to see you I was more distraught than anything and felt like I was never going to get better. I was fortunate enough to have found you and will always tell others with similar health problems how fantastic you are. If I ever embark on baby number four I know where I will be coming before and after birth. You do an amazing job Helen, more than helping to repair women physically you help them to better their overall well being. So please carry on doing what you’re doing.

Having represented GB in marathon running prior to the birth of my first baby, I was keen to return to full training immediately afterwards and have been so grateful for the level of commitment and attention to detail that Christien and Helen from the Women’s Health Team at the White Hart Clinic have been able to provide. They have enabled me to return to running personal best times and worked with the rest of my team of sports medicine practitioners to ensure that I am in the best possible position to fulfil my ambitions of an Olympic marathon spot in running whilst not compromising my pelvic floor health. I highly recommend all post natal sportswomen, even with straightforward birth experiences like mine, to follow Christien and Helen’s advice and expertise in returning to sport at any level – they are truly outstanding.