‘Remember me with the snapping hip? So five sessions of deep tissue massage (on your recommendation) and a lot of your exercises later, I can walk without clicking! It seems like a miracle & it is all thanks to you Helen. I didn’t think it was possible and no one suggested it was possible apart from you that is. Thank you very much. I appreciate your work and remember you fondly often, in fact every time I don’t snap!’

Helen was excellent and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her

Before I can came to Helen I had over stretched my hip flexor and groin muscles doing a advanced yoga exercise. I was very unsure of where and what exactly my injury was. I had been to see a physio before and he gave me faulty information about my injury and the program he gave did not help at all. I had some reservations before coming to see Helen as your services are expensive for me as a student and I had wasted a lot of money beforehand with the other physio, so I was worried I would have a similar experience.

However that was not the case at all! Your treatment has been fantastic! Straight away Helen realised exactly where my injury was, which I thought was amazing. I was so unsure what was wrong with me for a couple of months. Helen also did treatments on me like acupuncture which I thought was great as I wanted treatments done in addition with exercises to really treat this injury as quick as possible. The best result of Helen’s treatment is knowing where my specific injury is, it  gives me hope that the injury will be treated effectively!”

Helen’s expertise and knowledge is amazing – I don’t know where I would be now without her help! She helped me to understand how to activate my pelvic floor muscles and get strength back where there was nothing at all. Thank you so much!

Before the treatment with Helen my life seemed to be focussed on my pelvic pain a good deal of the time, although I didn’t experience pain in my everyday activities it affected my relationship with my partner and created pain and tearing during intercourse. I had (finally) been diagnosed with pelvic floor hypertonicity by my gynaecologist after years of mis-diagnosis and unhelpful advice, or lack of advice. I realised I was unable to do some of the releasing exercises suggested because I was unable to ‘feel’ the pelvic floor muscles. Since seeing Helen, I began to find those muscles and was better able at

directing my attention to those muscles. An insight was in the connection with the breath and the use of the diaphragm to release those tight pelvic floor muscles. However, this was not the only insight! Helen’s focus was on much more than just the internal pelvic floor muscles but she also addressed the immediate muscles external, such as abdominals and thighs, as well identifying issues in my biomechanics and alignment, right down to my feet!
I had always been aware that there was some kind of issue with my feet, and as a dancer had received similar feedback in an audition, however, it was only when Helen instructed me how to stand in correct alignment that I was able to resolve my fallen arches and the hyperextension in my knees. I learned that the mis-alignment of my feet and legs had an impact on my hips which in turn all then had a knock on effect on my pelvic floor. This new information about alignment meant I could now learn to correct some of the postural issues which had exacerbated my hypertonus and therefore learn to correct this and not just to provide short-term relaxation of the internal muscles. Treatment is always relaxed and Helen is always very professional but easy going. The best result from my treatment with Helen is that for the first time in about 7 years I have been able to have pain free sex!